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Whether you've been referred to mediation by the courts or pursed a mediated settlement, we are dedicated to finding a resolution.

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Parties and Litigants.

Ready to avoid or stop wearisome litigation battles and expenses? We want to help you craft an acceptable solution.

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Forms and Mediation Rules.

Fill out the case submission form and see the ethical guidelines for mediators, texas rules, and dispute resolution statues.

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Your one-stop shop to find a permanent solution to your legal battles.

Please email or call Andy Siegel to schedule a Mediation of your case or, for more information: or call 214-460-7855

Andy Siegel - Credentialed Mediator

"When people are divided,
the only solution is agreement.”
- John Hume

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Ethical Guidelines for Mediators

Texas Alternative Dispute Resolutions Statute

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